The Computer Language
Benchmarks Game

Alioth hosting service was deprecated and will vanish 2018-05-01.

So programs are no longer being accepted for measurement.


Contribute your own project

Why don't you include language X?
… my favorite language implementation?
… Microsoft® Windows® ?

Because I know it will take more time than I choose. Been there; done that.

Measurements of proggit popular language implementations like Crystal and Nim and Julia will attract attention and be the basis of yet another successful website (unlike more Fortran or Ada or Pascal or Lisp). So make those repeated measurements at multiple workloads, and publish them and promote them.

If you're interested in something not shown on the benchmarks game website then please take the program source code and the measurement scripts and publish your own measurements.

Where can I get the measurement scripts?

zip'd Python measurement scripts

Where can I get the program source code?

zip'd program source code

Where can I get the data set?

The summary data shown only includes the fastest measurements, but additional measurements are included in a compressed data file.